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About Your Team & Content

My name is Aaron J Wisti, and on this project I am joined by my wonderful and inspiring wife, Tina M Wisti.

We don't have supervisors micromanaging our every move or telling us we're not professional enough. There will be times the language here will not be fit for the corporate, academic, or religious world. That is intentional and it's a form of self-expression allowed by the US Constitution, along with Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Assembly.

Our adventures, and the starting point for the inspiration behind this site, began in the spring of 1989 on the corner of 16th and Farnam, in Omaha, Nebraska. Tina was taking time off from job hunting, and preparing for her graduation from South High, and I was waiting to meet someone at a local place called Parkfair Mall. She approached me, and a small, quiet voice inside my head told me, "She's kinda cute. You should say something to her". She approached me, offered me a sandwich, and I politely declined. A few minutes later, we parted ways and entered Parkfair mall via different entrances, not knowing we were destined to meet once more. I walked over to a group of tables and approached an old friend of mine who was sitting at the table with a few other people I didn't know, but thought were friendly. I looked around to see who was at the table, and I saw the same cute lady that offered me a sandwich. It also turned out the same friend of mine I knew was a friend of hers. We were introduced to each other, and I asked her if her offer still stood. She said, "Yes", and I ordered a meal from Taco Bell, which was just a few short feet from where we were sitting at our table. That first meal was two burritos, a soft-shelled taco, and a Mountain Dew.