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I don't sugarcoat my message by telling you what you want to hear.
I shoot straight and give you my personal uncensored observation without apology.

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This site was created as an outlet for our personal stories as well as a resource for those looking for opportunities to carve their own path in the academic, employment, and real world. In addition to stories inspired by personal experience, we will be providing resources for those experiencing homelessness, unemployment, and needing more information for continuing education and polishing up technical skills.

This is being updated regularly in order to provide the most important information available regarding topics such as homelessness, poverty, unemployment, continuing education. We're also including information for those wishing to polish their IT skills. The information provided is not an exhaustive list. There is so much being updated daily that it is difficult for the average computer user to keep up with. That's where the search boxes come in. They lead to additional resources I haven't linked to in the accordion boxes below.

For those wishing to read about our individual experiences on any given topic, we are putting together two pages just for our personal stories. One page is Nordicpriest's Notes. The other page is Mysti's Magazine and is currently under development.