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My name is Aaron, and I am married to my inspirational and very beautiful wife, Tina, who is helping me manage this blog. This is her first official effort into web design and writing. The majority of the content is put together by me. She does behind the scenes work along side me, modeling for my art as well as photography.

I don't write in clean language, referred to here as church speak. I gained my wisdom from family gatherings, the streets, my homeless experiences as well as stand up comics and philosophers that weren't afraid to speak the truth. That is how I write. Plain language, undiluted, and definitely not sugarcoated.
I stand by all of it as an older man that's tired of the goal posts of approval being moved each time I reach my intended goals, without apology.

I do not follow organized religion and prefer to follow my own path with respect to those that have gone before me. When searching religious texts, I seek historical truth rather than glorified mythology. I believe that's how it should be, regardless of the chosen path you're on. I claim no single religion or doctrine. I haven't since I became aware of how pagan mythology has been adopted into the belief system of Western Christianity and labeled as Christian celebrations.

I also do a bit of creative writing inspired by my journey, and am exploring the world of digital art with my wife. Some of our content is unsuitable for younger viewers and we accept no responsibility for what you view. This is our outlet, our journey, and our online notebook. We share what we do in the name of free speech, free expression, and freedom of the press as well as the arts.

This world does not care, and will ignore your efforts to seek help.

You need to learn to help yourself, and follow through without telling anyone what your plans are.
Quite often, the person that listens becomes the rival that will stop you while taking credit for your ideas, basking in glory that's rightfully yours.

No matter how many agencies you go to for help, you are still just a number to them. It's simply how things are done, and no amount of attention-seeking whining will change that fact.

Do the dirty work no one else wants to do, and don't bring attention to yourself. Disabled and homeless? No one cares, not even other disabled and homeless.

Are you succeeding in spite of the odds? Keep going, even when no one else notices your efforts. Are you disabled and needing medication to feel mentally fit to cope with this world's many conflicts? This world still doesn't care. Adapt and overcome.

Keep going, no matter the odds against you or the obstacles in your way. You just might surprise yourself.

I am not God, the Creator.

You are not God, the Creator.

We all have our own path to take, and no amount of popular opinion should change our personal journey. You may be a "god" in your own mind, and that is fine. You are not the Creator of the Universe and everything that has ever existed, or will exist throughout eternity. Any decision you make is ultimately between you and whatever deity you believe in, as well as your conscience, and no human being has the right to judge you based on any puffed up sense of superiority or twisted morals.

I have found that "religion" is a man made construct, and no amount of Bible thumping will convince me otherwise. I much prefer my relationship with the Creator, as imperfect as I am, over the rabid interpretations and preaching I have encountered in my adult years of church attendance.

I have studied a few of the texts attributed to the Christian religion - and a few Christian cults, and have found inaccuracies and missing context among the popular editions of the modern day Bible. I'm no scholar. I just know what I've studied, and I've seen how even something as sacred as the inspired writing of God is supposed to be can get tampered with. If a religion claiming to be Christian tells you they have additional inspired books in addition to the Bible, do not allow yourself to be conned by their doctrines if you claim to be a born again Christian believer. If you follow their doctrines on faith, then identify yourself accordingly with that belief system's teachings.

I will not tell you what to believe or how to believe. That is your path to take. All I care about is whether or not you are a decent human being. We don't get to push a rewind button and redo portions of our life over again as though nothing happened. All we get to do is learn the lessons, and try again.

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