The Online Notebook

Outreach ministry, general observations, side projects.


  • Formerly Homeless
  • Full-Time In Home Medical Caretaker
  • Dealing With The Stigma Of Mental Illness
  • Independent Advocate For Reforms In Nebraska
  • Volunteer Webmaster For The Reform Party USA
  • Neighborhood Outreach For The Online Notebook
  • Photographer For The Online Notebook
  • Video Creator For The Online Notebook
  • Graphic Illustrator For The Online Notebook
  • Ordained Minister With The Universal Life Church
  • For Additional Information, See My Resume

A Collection Of Online Tools & Resources
For Poverty Alleviation & Work Focus

Job Board Search Tools
Poverty Alleviation Tools

Contacting Me & Financial Support

I've made it easy for folks to contact me via social media. I'm also an online publisher as well as an illustrator. Nothing groundbreaking. Simply some of my interests I find therapeutic. If you'd like to send me funds to support this website, or pay me for any work I've done for you, I provide links for that purpose as well. Thank you for your time.